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Timber!!! Another Princess Tree Looses Her Crown.

Written by Mark Seder

Rodney & Allison Pearson at the Princess Tree DemiseRodney & Allison Pearson Clean Up and Look On at the Demise of Another Princess Tree!

Another Saturday and the last of the old Paulownia tomentosa "Princess" Trees is now history.  It was another 30+ year old tree that didn't want to come down easily but Mark Seder with Rodney & Allison Pearson were finally able to coerce it down.   The trunk was very hollow and apparently the racoon that was living in it was not real happy as it ran out and down the River Walk.

This is the last of the Princess Trees that we know of and the third taken down this year with each being over 30 years old.   There are still a couple of Mimosa Trees hanging over the river and we will attempt to take those out next.

Thanks Allison, Mark & Rodney, your efforts in the removal of another invasive is appreciated!